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Last updated Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Seattle Times

In a pretty happy confluence of timing, the Seattle Times was thinking about increasing its Macintosh coverage in the Sunday Personal Technology section when I wrote the editor suggesting myself for the job. My biweekly column discusses the practical purposes of the Mac for regular home and business users.

My first piece ran Sept. 10, 2000, as a PTech cover story covering the resurgence of Apple and the features in their current line-up of desktop machines. The first regular column appeared Sept. 17. The newspaper strike in Seattle that lasted from late November 2000 to early January 2001 put a lacuna in the schedule, but I filed four stories on Mac developments the week of January 8, 2001, just as the strike was settled.

The column started up again in April 2001 on a regular schedule, appearing in the Sunday Business section. A few months later it moved to its regular spot with two pages of Personal Technology on the back and inside back cover of Saturday Business.

I also contribute some business and home reportage and features, including a a story about the growth of professional writers putting effort into Web logs - daily journals of their reactions and insights to contemporary news and events - and an overview of wireless networking.

Starting in late 2004, I started rotating the column with my good friend and colleague Jeff Carlson. We alternate writing every four weeks.


Snazzy sites made easy with CSS (May 12, 07)
VPN-for-hire protection is worth it (Apr. 14, 07)
Tools make jobs short, sweet (Mar. 17, 07)
Updated AirPort Extreme expands range (Feb. 17, 07)
Beyond the iPhone (Jan. 20, 07)
Apple finally makes a smartphone move (Jan. 10, 07)
Educated guessing about Macworld (Jan. 6, 07)


How to smell a onlinewolf (Feature on online scammers, Dec. 23, 06)
Bright little stocking stuffers for Mac users (Dec. 2, 06)
Wireless vulnerabilities are a bit troubling (Nov. 18, 06)
Tech help found for in-laws in Timbuktu (Oct. 7, 06)
Bridges to Windows strengthen (Sept. 9, 06)
Transition to all Intel is complete (Aug. 12, 06)
Keep files private by encrypting (July 15, 06)
"Ware" labels perplexing (June 3, 06)
New MacBook more than a better iBook (May 20, 06)
For Mac users, installing Windows is now a snap (Apr. 22, 06)
Photo archive, sharing services impress (Mar. 25, 06)
Virus creators begin knocking at Apple's core (Feb. 25, 06)
Clever tools keep track of details (Feb. 11, 06)
Apple moves at top speed with switch to Intel's chips (Jan. 11, 06)


Aperture a peek inside iPhoto future (Dec. 24, 05)
Resolve to back up your drive (Dec. 10, 05)
PGP 9 serves as principal line of defense (Nov. 26, 05)
New video handhelds are short on content (Nov. 19, 05)
Apple takes Power Mac G5 up a notch (Oct. 29, 05)
Software to help you share nicely (Oct. 1, 05)
Time to look at parental controls (Sept. 3, 05)
Playing catch-as-catch-can with Internet access (Aug. 27, 05)
Apple mouse buttons up part of surprise
(Aug. 6, 05)
Try tuning in to popular Podcasts (July 9, 05)
House hunting on a whole new level (June 4, 05)
Programmer's seat open to Tiger users (May 28, 05)
Tiger purrs, doesn't growl (Apr. 30, 05)
Before selling that old Mac, clean it out (Apr. 2, 05)
3 programs expand options for Web logs (Mar. 5, 05)
Mac mini review (Feb. 5, 05)
Printing photos can be tricky (Jan. 8, 05)


A Delicious way to keep track of your library (Dec. 4, 04)
Radio fans can cut loose (Nov. 6, 04)
[Jeff joins me as co-columnist]
Hair Dryer to the Rescue (Oct. 23, 04)
Paternity leave...Jeff Carlson covers for me...
Small is Beautiful: Low-level Advice (Aug. 14, 04)
AirPort Express, iPod show Apple can pare, not just add (Jul. 31, 04)
Can't wait for a new iMac? eMac is available, affordable (Jul. 17, 04)
Average user not likely to pounce on Tiger (Jul. 3, 04)
New Wi-Fi device has sound future (June 19, 04)
Worthy rivals take on quirky Safari browser (June 5, 04)
OS X users could face Web-browsing ambushes (May 22, 04)
Nimble new 'Tiger' from Apple lands on its feet (May 8, 04)
Sharing, not secrecy, builds stronger systems (Apr. 24, 04)
Wedding-photo project baffles expert (Apr. 10, 04)
Apple's extended warranty smart buy for laptop owners (Mar. 27, 04)
Smile, bad guy — you're on EvoCam-era (Mar. 13, 04)
iPod mini a good fit for athletic types (Feb. 28, 04)
Apple's GarageBand keeps the beat, but can't guarantee originality (Feb. 21, 04)
Father-son upgrades add kick to old computers (Feb. 14, 04)
iLife '04 is worthy upgrade, but it's not perfect (Jan. 31, 04)
New wares, audience dwindling at Macworld (Jan. 17, 04)
Steve Jobs unveils iPod mini, other software at annual Macworld Expo (Jan. 7, 04)
It's time to rate Apple's performance in 2003 (Jan. 3, 04)


Dragon and Toast add spark to DVD, CD burn (Dec. 27, 04)
Bigger monitor display isn't necessarily better (Dec. 6, 04)
Eager for Panther? There's reason to pause (Nov. 22, 04)
Panther worth the price for a Mac upgrade (Nov. 8, 03)
Reeling in what you want from the Web (Nov. 8, 03)
User, music universe expanding for iTunes (Oct. 25, 03)
New Apple Stores bear fruit for aficionados (Oct. 11, 03)
eMachines laptop beats bigger makers at their own game (Sept. 29, 03)
Owners of older Macs prowl for Panther power (Sept. 27, 03)
Apple polishes stability, memory with new lines (Sept. 13, 03)
Quick fixes make OS X tough for sneaky worms (Aug. 30, 03)
Users can save bundle on new Office suite (Aug. 16, 03)
Hydra multiplies heads involved in text editing (Aug. 5, 03)
Options abound for text chat services on Macs (July 19, 03)
iChat might be answer to big long-distance bills (July 11, 03)
Reach Out and VOIP Someone (July 5, 03)
Free wireless brings in customers -- and revenue (June 30, 03)
Spam solutions for Mac OS X: a three-tiered solution (June 21, 03)
Fax software for Mac OS X doesn't entirely reek: one fine exception (June 7, 03)
Gigabit Ethernet, IP-over-FireWire, and MSN 8 for Mac OS X (May 24, 03)
Apple Music store, Bellevue Square Store (May 10, 03)
Two new Apple Stores in the Seattle area; Safari; OmniWeb and OmniGraffle (Apr. 26, 03)
12-inch PowerBook an iBook in aluminum clothing (Apr. 12, 03)
Software Update keeps you from falling behind (Mar. 29, 03)
Life isn't perfect with iLife, but it's still pretty good (Mar. 15, 03)
Microsoft's Virtual PC deal could lead to speed increase (Mar. 1, 03)
Product watchers see speeds rise, prices fall, new features show up (Feb. 15, 03)
AirPort's wireless-network system gets speed-up (Feb. 1, 03)
Macworld Expo's off year still lavish in geek appeal (Jan. 18, 03)
Apple unveils new notebooks, Web browser at Macworld (Jan. 8, 03)
Whir of eMac floppy drive recalls holidays of
old (Jan. 4, 03)


Apple's iSync gets it all together (Dec. 14, 02)
Gifts for the Mac fan (or those you hope to convert) (Nov. 30, 02)
Software Aids Moving from Windows to Mac OS X (Nov. 15, 02)
Five Browser Alternatives to Internet Explorer (Nov. 1, 02)
Linux, Unix, and Mac OS X Convergence (Oct. 19, 02)
AirPort Wireless Networking Tips (Oct. 5, 02)
Jaguar Installation Bites Some Users (Sept. 21, 02)
Mac OS 8 and 9 Users Can Catch Up to Jaguar (Sept. 7, 02)
Jaguar Stuffed with Improvements (Aug. 24, 02)
Microsoft Unit Bungles Details on Its OS X Applications (Aug. 17, 02)
Apple's Rebranded iTools No Bargain (July 27, 02)
Ethernet Cables Have Two Types (July 13, 02)
Mac OS X Skilled at Juggling Network Connections (June 29, 02)
Power Strip Accepts Reboot Calls (June 15, 02)
New Web Tools Offer Real Versatility (June 1, 02)
Palm Doesn't Play Well with Others (May 18, 02)
Educators Needs Answered by New eMac, Remote Software (May 4, 02)
Many Ways of Mounting Fileservers in OS X (Apr. 20, 02)
Apple Rolls Out Bluetooth Technology Preview (Apr. 6, 02)
Not Quite Shareware (Mar. 23, 02)
Default Folder Changes Your OS X Experience for the Better (Mar. 9, 02)
Wireless Networks for the Home Are Cheap, Easy, and Allow You to Toss That Drill Bit out the Window (Mar. 2, 02)
Remote Control Your Machines to Better Use Local and Distant Resources (Feb. 23, 02)
iPhoto Brings Visual Order; Other Programs, Too (Jan. 28, 02)
Jobs Introduces Flat Panel iMac, New Software (Jan. 8, 02)
Best of Three Worlds: OS X and Virtual PC 5 (Jan. 6, 02)


Entourage X Integrates Calendar, Contact, Email with Elan (Dec. 16, 01)
Holiday Gifts for the Mac Lover You Love (Dec. 2, 01)
AirPort Networking Update May Tempt New and Old users Alike (Nov. 18, 01)
iPod: Ounce for Ounce, a Contender (Nov. 4, 01)
OS X 10.1 Exceeds Expectations (Oct. 21, 01)
Secrets in Transit: Securing Your Data over a Network
(Oct. 7, 01)
Network Attacks Don't Faze Macs, but May Slow Them Down (Sept. 30, 01)
Macs not Immune to Viruses (Sept. 23, 01)
Apple Doesn't Shine at Macworld NY (July 22, 01)
For the Cube, End Was Near Beginning (July 15, 01)
Future of Apple's LCDs Looks Bright (June 17, 01)
Making Movies Immortal, roundup of DVD and CD movie editing and writing (May 20, 01)
Round-up of iBook, iMacs, OS X updates, and RAM/firmware conflict (May 6, 01)
Mac Magic Eight Ball Says Wait til July on OS X (Apr. 8, 01)
Web logs and the art of writing about writing about news (Apr. 1, 01)
Cheek to Jowl: Macs and PCs Talking Together (Jan. 28, 01)
Macworld Expo Roundup (Jan. 14, 01)
Microsoft Announces Mac OS X Support (Jan. 11, 01)
Steve Jobs's Macworld Keynote (Jan. 10, 01)
Mac OS X Overview (before Macworld) (Jan. 6, 01)


Apple's AirPort wireless networking system (Nov. 26, 00)
Q&A: old extensions, King County Library & Java, iMac as monitor (Nov. 12, 00)
Everything Old is New Again (Oct. 30, 00)
Q&A: DVD Compatibility, Mac OS X (Oct. 16, 00)
Losing Data is the Best Way to Appreciate Backup Devices (Oct. 2, 00)
Plug (and Unplug) and Play: Using USB on the Mac (inaugural column, Sept. 17, 00)
The resurgence of the Macintosh (cover story, Sept. 10, 00)
Seattle Goodwill inundated with old computers as part of Computer Recovery Project run by King County (Sept. 10, 00)