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You are about to have in your virtual hands a free version of the second edition of The Wireless Networking Starter Kit. We'll be frank: the book got great reviews, and we heard from hundreds of readers how they liked it–but it didn't sell well enough to continue to update it.

That's why we're giving this edition from 2004 away at no cost: there's still much that's relevant even after all the changes that Wi-Fi has gone through. (What's really out of date? There's little coverage of WPA security and nothing on 802.11n.)

We'd also like to tell you about our new electronic books on wireless networking from the Take Control Books series that can be instantly purchased and downloaded. One covers Wi-Fi security; the other, Apple's AirPort Extreme with 802.11n networking. See the home page for more details on those titles.

We hope you enjoy this free edition and check out our new titles!

Click here to download the 14 MB PDF file.

–Adam C. Engst and Glenn Fleishman,
October 2007


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