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Last updated Sunday, May 4, 2008

Media Coverage

Vanity, thy name is ... Glenn. I like seeing myself in the press as much as the next guy or gal, as long as it's intelligible and intelligent. I've been generally fortunate.

I'm not always ahead of the curve, but I am good at serving as a bridge between mainstream media, which has a general consumer or business audience, and the specialized knowledge I've reported on, first in Internet marketing and development because of my first company POPCO; later, for my experience at and knowledge of book details and pricing; and currently because of my interest in Wi-Fi and the news site I run on that subject.

I've got a separate page that links to archives of my appearance on radio programs.

Expert Opinion & Interviews

I've been quoted so much in 2007 about municipal Wi-Fi, that I've just stopped listing all the locations. After being interviewed for the AP, Christian Science Monitor, and USA Today, the idea of listing dozens of citations seems far beyond vanity!

I'm quoted briefly in an article on what's happening with municipal wireless by the AP. Similarly, in a piece in The Philadelphia Inquirer on their local network (5/07).

The AP quotes me about how Draft N wireless equipment isn't quite ready for prime time, but soon will be (12/06).

Because of my obsessive wireless data interest, I was quoted in an Associated Press wire story (5/06) on an air-to-ground spectrum auction on in-flight Internet access in the U.S. I also appear in a brief item on Marketplace on public radio.

A host of appearances clustered around municipal Wi-Fi and the grassroots network sharing service Fon appeared in the Wall Street Journal (Feb. 9, Feb. 13), Associated Press (Feb. 5, Feb. 17), and Wired News (Feb. 9). A few months later, I spoke to the AP about how metro-scale network operators need to set expectations, based on experiences in St. Cloud, Florida.

I express the sentiment that Intel has managed to stay far behind the market with their approach to Wi-Fi in The Pioneer Press (Minnesota) (06/04).

Wired News includes my remarks about Apple's wisdom in releasing an inexpensive, highly featured Wi-Fi hub and also about a problem with Windows XP's Wireless Zero Configuration service (6/04).

Paul Andrews writes about mesh and community networking including my thoughts (5/04)

I was quoted in an article in the New York Times about the effect that Intel has on the Wi-Fi market by increasing the overall interest in the use of Wi-Fi (7/03)

The Economist quotes me about the growing business hot spot market (3/03)

Wired News wrote about my near brush with bandwidth fees in huge excess of rationality (3/03)

Colleague Linda Knapp quotes me on wireless security issues in her friendly computing column in The Seattle Times (3/15/03)

Research firm Pyramid interviewed me about wireless networks and the future of hot spots and cell data (spring 2003)

The Los Angeles Times reporter David Streitfeld brought together several threads on that together detail the company's difficulties on several fronts as they attempt to move towards profitability. I'm quoted on one of those points, about what I consider a lack of their usual forthrightness in disclosing total costs and price changes (7/21/01)

The Wall Street Journal and CNBC both wanted to broadcast my opinion about's short-lived price increase and shipping charge changes. The Journal came first, with a brief sound bite on CNBC later that day (6/01)

J.D. Lasica writes about blogging journalists like myself, Doc Searls, Dan Gillmor, Deborah Branscum, Paul Andrews, and Dave Winer in an article appearing in two parts at the Online Journalism Review (5/25/01)

Michelle Slatalla, the "Online Shopper" columnist for The New York Times's Circuits section, quoted me about book prices and comparison shopping online (10/26/00)

I was a judge in the Seattle Times' Best of the Web content (2/21/99). Read my intemperate comments, both hot and cold

A technique for scamming email addresses via FTP in HTML in a recent InfoWorld column by Brian Livingston, and in a brief piece on PC World Online by Brian McWilliams (7/98)

My comments about my gurus in Webdom in a Seattle Times article on Webmasters (which I wasn't at the time) (12/97)

An interview with yours truly in ClickZ's emailed weekly newsletter (9/19/97)

Great Wall Street Journal compliments about the list and lists in generals (4/97)

Jim Sterne's nice piece about the demise of the Internet Marketing Discussion List in Webmaster magazine (10/96)

Interview with Jim Cameron in Web Review (9/95; text appears permanently gone as of 4/01)

Orange County Register column by Stephen Lynch about domain name hogs (9/11/95)

Impact of mailing lists in Web Week (5/20/96)

A JavaScript email grabber scam in Brian Livingston's Windows Manager column in InfoWorld (3/4/96)

Comments on IDC projections for scaleback on web in Web Week (2/96)

Prescient Wired Scan on why spammers would someday be subject to an extension of the junk fax law (1/96)

Branding and the Internet in Web Week (1996; text appears permanently gone as of 4/01)

Wired scan on commerce about paying for what you get (10/95)

A piece on the dropping cost of bandwidth in PC World (8/95)

Interview with Steve O'Keefe in Internet World (5/95)

First-Ever Feature-Film Internet Broadcast (6/95)

In June 1995, through a variety of strange events and connections, POPCO broadcast Party Girl, the first time a full-length feature film was broadcast on the Internet. The event was covered by KIRO-TV, KING-TV, and NBC Nightly News, NetNews, Interactive Age Daily, and others. The event was pulled off in conjunction with the Seattle International Film Festival, and the star of the film, Parker Posey, appeared live in POPCO's offices to welcome viewers over the Internet.

If there's ever a doubt about us being first - well, I have the NBC Nightly News story on tape, and I'll gladly pull it out to show me in red suspenders on national TV. (Here's another eyewitness account by Quinn "The Eskimo.")

(10/1/99: I finally watched the whole movie the other night, and it was quite good! Some magical realism, some unpleasantness, a tiny bit of nudity [hoorah!] and so forth, but generally interesting.)

Technical and Side Mentions

Most of these references have died by the time I rechecked them in 2004. I leave them for historical purposes only.

Marty Cortinas, the editor of both Real World Adobe GoLive books I've co-authored, made a funny reference to my Sony Vaio toting behavior at the 2001 Macworld Expo

A nice thank you on NPR's site from a former colleague at crediting me for helping her get up to speed (many moons ago, now)

David Fiedler's kind promotion in his Refresh Daily column of my fundraising for lymphoma by riding the Seattle To Portland (STP) bike ride (6/99)

An unattributed appearance in Ed Foster's The Gripe Line column in InfoWorld, from some email I'd sent him - the paragraph starting "As the Supreme Court..." (3/9/98)

Philately will get you nowhere - a neat appearance quoted from one of yours truly's columns

My college chum Brad Peniston wrote about the Internet Marketing Discussion List shutdown

NetscapeWorld feature on's design changes

Home Page magazine's front-page article on

24 Hours in Cyberspace

I was (and remain) dubious about the value of documenting cyberspace. Especially the guy with a notebook computer on a toilet. But that doesn't mean I don't want to be featured on the web site. [Ironically, the Web site died, was reborn without persistent links, and, at the most recent check, redirects to an entirely new project.]

Interestingly, the photo did make it onto the cover of a new edition of a book by Diderot.

Paul Andrews, a colleague at the Seattle Times, mentioned the event.