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Last updated Sunday, May 4, 2008

Frog and Peach

If you remember the old comedy routine in which Peter Cooke, as a restauranteur, tells Dudley Moore, as an interviewer:

At the Palace Kitchen in Seattle, I had Bald Head and Enormous Crouton. Really: a place you go can with a bald head, and for not too much money, get an enormous crouton.

It says, "Enormous crouton" on the menu. I didn't believe them. But it was true. It was good, too, as was the rest of a fabulous dinner. The Palace is run by Tom Douglas, who also creates wonderful meals at Etta's (one of my favorite eateries in Seattle) and Dahlia Lounge (which I have yet to frequent). On another occasion at Etta's, I ordered a salad of a similar bent which arrived as a half a head of iceberg and a piece of toast.